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What To Do After A Car Accident

Did The Driver Stop After the Accident?

You have to identify the driver who hit you before you can file an injury claim. If the driver stops at the scene of an accident, be sure to collect his/her contacts and insurance information to help you pursue compensation.

When a driver fails to stop at the scene of an accident he/she may hamper your quest for damages. In such a situation, report the accident to the police for further investigations. Also, gather contact information of eyewitnesses. Seek immediate medical attention and keep records of all the expenses you incur. These past medical expenses contribute greatly to the value of your claim and are extremely vital to the success of your case. Medical expenses are necessary for all types of claim and attorneys including bed bug attorneys

Seek Legal Assistance

If later, with the help of the police you manage to track and identify the hit and run driver, discuss your legal options with a car accident lawyer more so if you sustained serious injuries. An experienced Bronx car accident attorney will among other thing help you calculate the value of your claim, arrange evidence in a way that will guarantee a strong defense and by extension help you avoid the common mistakes people make when filing personal injury claims. All of these aspects contribute to the strength of your personal injury claim. If you follow most of these steps the betters chance of recovering a good settlement is likely. Our lawyers will be able to assist you in obtaining maximum compensation for you injuries.

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Personal Injury Lawyers: Understand the Legal Process


Although you have an idea of what personal injury settlement might worth, you do not have any clue about the legal procedures involved with mediating or litigating your claim. It includes not knowing the legal documents to file, applicable statute of the limitations, and how to complete forms properly. The gap in legal knowledge might enable insurance companies to beat you on legal technicality.  Abogados de accidentes at our firm have the necessary resources to combat the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve.  There’s no worse feeling than knowing that you might lose some money from your settlement because you don’t have a clue about the legal process. Only a lawyer can get you the most money for your injuries. You should not go through the legal process on your own because the insurance company has vast amounts of resources that you don’t have.

Personal Injury Lawyers Improve Your Odds

Beating insurance company is like having a battle. Undertaking a battle by yourself is tantamount to show up to fight without any weapons. Regardless of how much you ready yourself, you will not be able to put your best foot forward or put up a good fight. Insurance companies know that these have more knowledge as well as bargaining power and will utilize this to ensure that you’ll get the lowest claim possible. They’ll also use your unfamiliarity with the process of claim to make sure that their interests are protected. Your claim is often very valuable and could be at risk of losing if you do not obtain proper representation.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer might be an extra expense, yet it can help you get through your case with peace of mind and in a convenient manner. So, contact The Felicetti Law Firm and get the best lawyer for your personal injury case!

Advantages and Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport in many countries. It is played by people across varied age groups. It can be played by two players competing against each other in a singles match, or by four people in a 2v2 doubles match. Playing tennis involves different types of plays, strategy and fast movements.

Whether you play for fun, competitively, or just for your health, tennis can be good for the mind and body. Here is a list of the top benefits of playing the sport that might just convince you to add playing tennis to your hobbies:

  1. It is a complete workout. In tennis, the whole body gets an intensive workout. Legs are consistently moving, running, bending or jumping. Twisting and turning and positioning to hit the ball at the right angle also gives the upper body, shoulders, and arms a good exercise.
  2. It is also good for the mind. Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of decision making and strategy. Hitting the ball is not enough, players must constantly analyze the conditions of the court and their opponents’ movements to quickly decide the most efficient angle and strength in hitting the ball to score a point. Because of these constant quick decisions, the cognitive skills of players are continuously being tested and improved.
  3. It burns a lot of calories. Research has shown that playing tennis for 1 hour can burn between 420-600 calories.
  4. It helps improve social skills. Playing tennis can be a great way to make new friends, and is a great way to catch up with old acquaintances. Sportsmanship and courtesy is also very evident in tennis competitions. These interactions are important and helpful to players both inside and outside the court.
  5. It develops a good work ethic. If you want to be good in tennis, you need to put in a lot of effort and time. Tennis is a sport that requires determination, discipline and commitment. Players, therefore, establish a stronger work ethic which they can apply to their other activities.

Aside from all these benefits, the biggest attraction of tennis is that anyone can play it. It is a sport than can be enjoyed by people across different age groups and skill levels. It is truly a sport or a hobby for everyone and anyone wanting to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.  If you enjoy these sports visit atdhe tv.

Firework Injuries Number Decreased Year By Year In Beijing, China

2017 is the 12th year of “Firework Ban Lift” in Beijing, China. Reporters were informed that the number of injuries caused by firecracker seemed to stop increase compared with the trend of past years. Often, hospitals will manage some medical staffs to response the emergent requirement of this kind treatment on traditional New Year’s Eve in China.

The data released over the last weekend by Tongren hospital in Beijing. As in the report, since 2011, the fireworks injuries patient number began to decline year by year. Begin in 2014, the number of non-Beijing patients who come to this hospital for the treatment first surpassed the local patients filtered in this injury category. And this number even accounted for 63.3% of the total treatment of this hospital. Chinese patients injured by firecrackers often result in a very bad medical condition such as eye rupture, eye contents prolapse, moderate or severe burn etc. Solely in 2016 report by this hospital, from 35 Hebei Province fireworks injuries, 12 were filtered in eye rupture, eye contents prolapse and other serious eye injuries, only one male patient got eye extraction surgery which came from Hebei province in the record report.

Beijing in contrast, about 10% of the victims of fireworks are young age, and the proportion of child patients is even higher when consider outside of Beijing.

If you accidentally injured, first with a piece of clean gauze or handkerchief cover the wound gently and go to the nearby clinic or hospital as soon as possible. Do not clean your eyes with water by yourself. Do not eat or drink water, because the serious injury may need to undergo anesthesia surgery.

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Matcha: The Top Benefits & Why You Should Be Drinking it Daily


Well known in Chinese medicine, Matcha Green Tea is one of the most beneficial blessings nature gave us. Due to its immune boosting proprieties and healing, the tea is seen as a miracle supplement.

Unlike others type of leaves, Matcha leaves grow completely in the shade. This is the reason why the chlorophyll content is significantly increased. The main difference you see between matcha green tea and other green tea you see in stores is the preparation method. While normal green tea is used in tea bags, matcha tea’s entire powder is boiling with the water. This way you will consume all the powder. The antioxidant concentration that is found in matcha green tea is six times the amount in goji berries, seven times more than dark chocolate, and seventeen times greater than blueberries, and this is just one of the multiple benefits of matcha green tea.

Additional benefits of Matcha:

Cancer Prevention: The special kind of antioxidant found in matcha green tea is called ‘catechins.’ It is known to remove the cancer-causing free radicals from the body. Another one of its most powerful antioxidants, EGCG, is found in the tea with a 137x more concentration than pure green tea.

Lowers Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: In 2011, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition made a study in which they found that matcha green tea could considerably lower total cholesterol, which improves the blood pressure and the overall circulation of the blood.

Weight Loss: There are many studies which shown that green tea is involved in the weight loss. Some studies claim that green tea may increase the rate of thermogenesis by 10% while in the resting periods. In addition to this, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that matcha green tea increases the rate at which the fat is burned by 25% while doing exercises. As a procrastinator might say: “Matcha tea can help you get skinnier while you exercise as well as while you rest.”

Matcha green tea can be prepared just like any other pure green tea, but for the taste purposes, you must let the water sit and cool for five minutes. This will provide a better taste of matcha green tea, which should have a sweeter flavor.Matcha green tea is the main actor when it comes to benefits and impacts on your health. This tea can pretty much improve all the aspects of your health, and it is one of the not so many health supplements on the market that has been studied enough.

Let’s Choose Basketball for Outdoor Play

Having an urge to shoot some hoops after watching the game on TV?

I was always wondering what makes the best basketball for your game? Is it the quality, or size, material? Well the thing is that most important thing is comfort and that means how well a ball handles during the game, how well it bounces during dribbles and of course the court you are playing on. Nobody wants to ruin a good game because of poor quality ball. That is why picking the best outdoor basketball is essential to avoid bad grip, terrible bounce and of course moisture.Professional players and coaches always recommend to use appropriate ball for specific surfaces as this allows for players to show natural abilities best. Let’s dig deeper and look closer to the most important factors of greatest outdoor basketball.

Cover Material

Balls made of leather that is genuine are now kind of exception from the rule and in the old days they were common and most of the teams used them for their practice and official games. However, there is still one company who still produces genuine leather basketballs in a large scale – it’s Spalding. Interesting fact is that NBA still uses them as official game balls. If you decide to choose this type of ball keep in mind that you will need to break it in and it will take long hours of best performance. These balls are pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for as they last very long even used daily. Because of the price most people choose cheaper synthetic leather basketballs to play outdoors.

Considering bounce, grip and overall ball performance

By watching NBA players moving from line to line so easily I always wonder what is the reason for that, because we all humans and sometimes it’s hard to handle the ball as it won’t bounce the right way. This is the case with using the good ball for games. And to answer this mystery I found that it’s all in dribble – players have skills, however quality ball is a must for them to show these skills that is why picking the right balls for every type of court is so important.

Grip in outdoor basketball is a major problem

If you are about to play outdoors you should get a ball that is designed for that and grip plays a major role in here. Outdoor courts are full of dust so basketballs should have features allowing to reject all these factors. General rule is that any person holding the ball should be able to keep it with one hand – that means the grip is in the level where it needs to be. This allows players to dribble and shooting the ball becomes way better and accurate. Also, the crowd watching matches can enjoy nice moves from players. All that would not be possible without a good quality ball.

All basketball community agree that few basketballs deserves the name of the best and characteristics they have makes them most popular balls for any games. Best outdoor basketballs are made by Wilson, Spalding, Under Armour and Molten. Every person who played basketball on the street knows Spalding classic street balls, but today all manufacturers have at least few options offering great performance playing outdoors, so pick wisely!