You may have noticed the proliferation of LDS novels in your favorite bookstore. Maybe you’ve wondered which books, movies, and plays are worth your time and money. Perhaps you want to know what the critics think. Let me tell you about an organization that provides answers for you both on the web and in print. In addition, this organization sponsors a variety of live events each year that are intellectually stimulating and inspiring for both readers and writers.

The Association for Mormon Letters was founded in 1976 by a group of volunteers who wanted to promote high-quality writing by, for, and about Mormons. The non-profit group has met annually since that time to present awards recognizing superior work, hear discussions of scholarly criticism, and cultivate a community of people who care about values and how they are presented in literature.

In recent years the organization has grown in membership, attendance at annual events, and particularly in participation on AML-List, its online discussion list. You are invited to spend a few minutes exploring the AML website to get better acquainted with what this organization is about and what it has to offer. I’ve been an AML member for the past few years, and here are some of the great benefits I’ve experienced: