Advantages and Benefits of Playing Tennis

By | October 13, 2017

Tennis is a popular sport in many countries. It is played by people across varied age groups. It can be played by two players competing against each other in a singles match, or by four people in a 2v2 doubles match. Playing tennis involves different types of plays, strategy and fast movements.

Whether you play for fun, competitively, or just for your health, tennis can be good for the mind and body. Here is a list of the top benefits of playing the sport that might just convince you to add playing tennis to your hobbies:

  1. It is a complete workout. In tennis, the whole body gets an intensive workout. Legs are consistently moving, running, bending or jumping. Twisting and turning and positioning to hit the ball at the right angle also gives the upper body, shoulders, and arms a good exercise.
  2. It is also good for the mind. Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of decision making and strategy. Hitting the ball is not enough, players must constantly analyze the conditions of the court and their opponents’ movements to quickly decide the most efficient angle and strength in hitting the ball to score a point. Because of these constant quick decisions, the cognitive skills of players are continuously being tested and improved.
  3. It burns a lot of calories. Research has shown that playing tennis for 1 hour can burn between 420-600 calories.
  4. It helps improve social skills. Playing tennis can be a great way to make new friends, and is a great way to catch up with old acquaintances. Sportsmanship and courtesy is also very evident in tennis competitions. These interactions are important and helpful to players both inside and outside the court.
  5. It develops a good work ethic. If you want to be good in tennis, you need to put in a lot of effort and time. Tennis is a sport that requires determination, discipline and commitment. Players, therefore, establish a stronger work ethic which they can apply to their other activities.

Aside from all these benefits, the biggest attraction of tennis is that anyone can play it. It is a sport than can be enjoyed by people across different age groups and skill levels. It is truly a sport or a hobby for everyone and anyone wanting to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.  If you enjoy these sports visit atdhe tv.