Firework Injuries Number Decreased Year By Year In Beijing, China

By | February 25, 2017

2017 is the 12th year of “Firework Ban Lift” in Beijing, China. Reporters were informed that the number of injuries caused by firecracker seemed to stop increase compared with the trend of past years. Often, hospitals will manage some medical staffs to response the emergent requirement of this kind treatment on traditional New Year’s Eve in China.

The data released over the last weekend by Tongren hospital in Beijing. As in the report, since 2011, the fireworks injuries patient number began to decline year by year. Begin in 2014, the number of non-Beijing patients who come to this hospital for the treatment first surpassed the local patients filtered in this injury category. And this number even accounted for 63.3% of the total treatment of this hospital. Chinese patients injured by firecrackers often result in a very bad medical condition such as eye rupture, eye contents prolapse, moderate or severe burn etc. Solely in 2016 report by this hospital, from 35 Hebei Province fireworks injuries, 12 were filtered in eye rupture, eye contents prolapse and other serious eye injuries, only one male patient got eye extraction surgery which came from Hebei province in the record report.

Beijing in contrast, about 10% of the victims of fireworks are young age, and the proportion of child patients is even higher when consider outside of Beijing.

If you accidentally injured, first with a piece of clean gauze or handkerchief cover the wound gently and go to the nearby clinic or hospital as soon as possible. Do not clean your eyes with water by yourself. Do not eat or drink water, because the serious injury may need to undergo anesthesia surgery.

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